STIS post (Terese Yanaros): NEWS: Official Threatens Pedogate Disclosure, David Wilcock Meets Mega Anon – December 10, 2017

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– I feel also we will see a massive disclosure of upsetting but necessary information that will anger the people but at the same time it will accelerate their ascension. I believe this massive information leak will at the same time increase massively the distrust of people towards governments and their departure from using FIAT money to using crypto-currencies.

The following quote from the latest David Wilcock’s update (facebook) (12DEC17) is of particular importance, I am feeling:

“Some of the next wave of things we will see will be very, very revealing and upsetting.

This is all part of the great cleansing we have to go through, so I feel we should all embrace these changes.

Thanks again for your concern. The winds have finally stopped being a constant noise nuisance and I will be able to sleep without feeling the room shaking tonight!”

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