Stillness in the Storm blog: New Q Anon “Trust Sessions” — “End is Near” (Video)

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– I also think that 2018 is going to be epic. I think 2018 will be the year of Liberation of Humankind from the negative forces.

Gaia video: Emery Smith — Whistleblower Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock December 12, 2017S9:Ep2

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– Some crafts are alive with living power systems that behave like a living being….amazing.

– You can combine tissue and titanium and add to that stem cells, to make your bones density 10 times stronger than usual, with a huge ability to heal quickly …it reminds me of the super soldiers program….

– Car accident, weaponized food, are information that make you age faster but if we can stop that information to express itself, the body can help heal itself naturally…

– There is a staggering amount of various ET species

– There are some technologies that can 3D print ET bodies

– Reality is stranger than the most unreal SF movie….

– The best protection (safety) for whistleblowers is to come forward as soon as possible and rely on the cosmic rule “you can shoot at the red cross”.

– Emery Smith (“Paul”) looks like a bit like the Benjamin Fulford of the black ops biology to me.

– Advanced satellite imagery technology enables you to look into every brick of the walls of any house…

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STIS post (Terese Yanaros): NEWS: Official Threatens Pedogate Disclosure, David Wilcock Meets Mega Anon – December 10, 2017

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My comments:

– I feel also we will see a massive disclosure of upsetting but necessary information that will anger the people but at the same time it will accelerate their ascension. I believe this massive information leak will at the same time increase massively the distrust of people towards governments and their departure from using FIAT money to using crypto-currencies.

The following quote from the latest David Wilcock’s update (facebook) (12DEC17) is of particular importance, I am feeling:

“Some of the next wave of things we will see will be very, very revealing and upsetting.

This is all part of the great cleansing we have to go through, so I feel we should all embrace these changes.

Thanks again for your concern. The winds have finally stopped being a constant noise nuisance and I will be able to sleep without feeling the room shaking tonight!”

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SITS: BRICS, Bitcoin and Gold: Resetting the Global Financial System

This post resonates a lot with my own thinking.

I have mentioned below the highlights from my perspective.


“Greek philosopher Socrates once said “the secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” This is exactly what the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and what Bitcoin are in the process of doing. While each model is different in their methods, such as the BRICS using gold, silver and metals, and Bitcoin using technology, they both share the same end-game: to transform and reset the global financial system. Though the international banking cartel has been and will continue to do all they can to fight the BRICS and Bitcoin models, these models needn’t fight back.”


“What is worth pointing out is that with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, people are choosing to opt out of the current global financial system. In droves, people are aligning with the principle of the Socrates quote above: they are choosing not to fight the current system, but instead are choosing to build something new. In essence, this is extremely unnerving in the banking cartel’s eyes because now there is an alternative that people can simply choose to be involved with instead of fighting to break free from. In theory, there needn’t be another protest against the big banks as the power has now been given back to the people to simply opt out and join the creation of a new, decentralized system where each person is his or her own banker. This doesn’t sit well with the banking cartel.”


“Though Bitcoin is not the final solution, it is absolutely playing it’s part right now in our world. That is what is important to keep in mind. In any evolving system, there are always stages at which certain parts or functions of that system are no longer needed and are replaced by more useful and more efficient parts.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are playing their role in helping to shift and reset the global financial system. Perhaps the most important aspect of cryptocurrencies in relation to money is that it is allowing more people by the day to question and understand what money really is, what the purpose of banks really are, and if we want to continue to use middlemen any longer. It is allowing people to question the systems we’ve been taught and encouraging people to find creative solutions to old, inefficient and corrupt systems. ”


Bitcoin and the gold-backed system the BRICS are each are serving their purposes of resetting the global financial system. Neither will be the ultimate savior. Though they are each helping to free us from the financial tyranny we’ve been under for a very, very long time. The revolution is gaining a lot of speed and large, visible and positive events are on the horizon for our world.