The uncovering of everything in 2018

The illusory world with a fake sense of security and fake news (read CNN) is crumbling down to reveal a new world.
This is literally called apocalypse: the uncovering.
The uncovering of what? The uncovering of the following (not limited to):
– Information about ET presence (ex: based on the Moon)
– Information about how Humanity has been enslaved so far  (ex: FIAT money is a Babylonian debt slavery system)
– Information about the real history of Humanity (ex: Humanity has been existing for many hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions of years)
– Information about suppressed technologies (ex: there are many devices that can tap into the zero point energy fields of “Ether”, which can extract unlimited amount of energy for free)
– Information about suppressed healing knowledge (ex: there are many simple ways to heal cancer without the use of pharmaceuticals)
– Information about the power of consciousness (ex: the reality of telepathy or clairvoyance)
The  bad news: the information being revealed may be quite shocking.
The good news: Humanity is being liberated, I actually believe that 2018 will be the year of Liberation, and once we are free, we can create a paradise on planet Earth!

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Ascending my way.

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