Destroying the Illusion news update: 12.12 – Q/Schiff/FBI/Fusion GPS/MSM: “Spacecraft passing Earth?!”

My comments:

– Light will defeat Darkness

– Risk of another government (US) shut down on 22DEC17

– 10 days of darkness Q is constantly referring to

– When the US government shuts down, there should be a currency reset (USD) with the establishment of a new financial system backed by gold that the BRICS is putting in place right now

– On the first of January 2018, we might see ourselves in a totally new world that would start the Golden era for planet Earth

– Storm is coming big time!

– Disinformation is a strategy used by Q (Trump himself or people around him) to expose the Cabal.

– The Cabal knows that the charade is almost over. So we are seeing some Cabal agents flipping sides.

– ET disclosure (partial) is being prepared behind the curtains so that the powers that be, when their crimes are about to be revealed, will be able to attempt to divert the people’s attention to something different than their crimes, something amazing that can make people forget about their crimes. That is why we are seeing a big push from some media outlets to talk about this cigar-shaped “meteorite” that looks totally artificial. Please see the following article from the independent for more information.


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