jsnip4 video interview repost: 3 Amigos Live – Clif, Jsnip4, Bix Weir 1/27/18

My comments (kind of summary of what Cliff High says in this interview):

– There are billions of ET species out there. We will see a tremendous unleashing of ET information disclosure starting from 2018 over the next few years up until 2022.

– Huge change in the emotional tone of the US population from the end of February 2018.

– Huge spikes of disclosure of space aliens and crypto-currencies around the same time, starting from March 2018.

- We will see in a few weeks the beginning of an economic boom that would be based on a money system without debt.

– Degradation of the old political system is going on.

– Crypto-currencies will start to thrive tremendously from the end of March 2018 up until 2022. At the same time, over the same period, we will see a huge amount of ET disclosure and the associated very advanced exotic technologies.

– China is becoming the scientific center of the world because of the sheer number of scientists.

– It seems that the reason why China has banned bitcoin mining recently is because they think the crypto-currency industry is getting too powerful.

– The next target for bitcoin’s price is 23,000 USD that will get obvious and sticky in May 2018.

– There will be a great positive marker for Litecoin coming up in April 2018. There seems to be that there will be  a great announcement regarding litecoin as a payment vehicle. It is possible that some big companies like Amazon or Google are going to start accepting litecoin by June 2018.

– There will be big, positive moves regarding Omisego in the Chinese market.

– Litecoin’s value should be 1/5 of the value of bitcoin.

– There seems that Veritaseum will get a lot of positive emotional tone around summer 2018 when the government breakdowns become obvious.

– Veritaseum enables you to participate into a decentralized hedge fund without the tx fees you would have to pay with a traditional hedge fund. Its integration with Metamask is very nice according to Cliff High.

– We will see very soon the emergence of crypto-currencies backed by gold this year and the government will attempt to stop them.

– The data set of Cliff High in 2017 indicated the emergence of a silver-backed crypto but that crypto could correspond to bitcoin futures.

– The very recent data set shows that the bitcoin futures will be a way from the powers that be to shoot themselves in their foot.

– When the price of bitcoin reaches 60,000 USD, it is likely to decrease by 20,000 USD as a consolidation phenomenon. These consolidations will be numerous but their duration will get shorter and shorter.

– Why would you put your money into bitcoin futures when the price of bitcoin is relatively predictable and when you can get actually a physical bitcoin instead?

– The data set shows governments being saved by blockchain technologies via services such as payroll-based services (think Populous).

– Cliff High mentions about Tezos as indicated in this reddit post. But I do not feel Cliff High is right here. He says that there is a lot of legal stuff going on regarding this “mystery coin”, as he calls it. He thinks it would take 2 years to get through all the court system and then they would refund every investors. Since BTC and ETH would have gone up so much in the mean time, the investors would have made money in a bad investment.

– More generally I feel sometimes that Cliff High is overconfident. I have noticed that regarding its contention regarding David Wilcock and Corey Goode who, he thinks are just story-tellers and are basically stealing his data. I think Cliff High does not know what he is talking about, here. I have also noticed his overconfidence and his arrogance regarding his knowledge about AI during his interview at Project Camelot here.

– However you need to take only the positive parts and ignore the negative parts of Cliff High, imho. The positive parts being that he is taking a scientific approach, data-driven approach in his predictions regarding crypto-currencies and ET related stuff and his main assumption for his algorithm is that Humans are psychic is accurate. Also, to me, in my own experience, he is the first person to really talk about cryptos and ET in the same positive, open-minded way and I think this is a very good sign because I think everything is connected. You got the whole Truth or nothing.

– He thinks that Corey Goode and David Wilcock are dispatching a lot of information now because they want to put a lot of pressure on governments to disclose information about the ET stuff and suppressed technologies.

– He mentions his project about the Galactic universal Internet. I do not know what it is about. In this project, he mentions that he needs to find the right molecule and figure out a   proper way to beat it, to get the information to come out and he needs to find it before the Japanese….

Kauilapele’s Blog repost: David Wilcock on Coast to Coast 12-23-17… “ET Secrets/The Reality Illusion” VIDEO(s) and MP3s [UPDATED MP3s]


Original link: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2017/12/25/david-wilcock-on-coast-to-coast-12-23-17-et-secrets-the-reality-illusion-videos-and-mp3s/

My partial summary of the interview of David Wilcock by Jimmy Church on Coast to Coast:

– About the Asteroid ‘Oumuamua’

– Stephen Hawkings thinks actually that this is a space ship because it is cylindrical and a cylinder is the right shape in order to move through space.

– That asteroid basically came to crash into our solar system recently.

– A certain faction of the special space programs could get to land inside recently.

– This space ship is very old, over 1 billion years old, possibly.

– There is a weird biological layer on it. Frozen remains of the original crew have been discovered.

– It appears there are 3 different types of ET species sleeping inside, in some sort of statis state.

– There is a trove of very advanced technologies inside.

– It belongs to the Ancient builders race that appears to have built pyramids and obelisks all over the solar system and beyond, including planet Earth and Mars.

– The people that got to explore the ancient ship are using very advanced dating techniques, undisclosed to the general public.

– The ship appears to be intact from the scratching from more recent civilizations visits, leaving the writings on it and the computer main frames inside for example.

Corey Goode has been showed some videos of the inside of the ship and it is amazing.

– The discovery of this ancient ship came up right before X’Mas. The timing is very interesting.

– Mainstream appears to be totally onboard for disclosure, now.

– Every ancient tradition, the Mayans, Islam, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Zoroastrianism, pure freemasonry, etc…you name it, all talk about the same thing: at the end of the cycle (which lasts about 25,000 years, the previous one ended on 21DEC2012), the Sun gives off a burst of energy that transforms Humanity completely to move it to fourth density (right now, it appears we live in third density). After the solar flash, Humans are turned into ascended, god-like beings, if they match the frequencies of the new age….

– Apparently the solar burst should have happened on 21DEC2012. However Humanity was not ready (read: most people would have lived a very catastrophic timeline, totally unable to ascend if the event had happened). Therefore, it appears that some very advanced beings, apparently called the Blue Avians, according to Corey Goode, beings that live in 6th density, apparently the same group of entities behind Ra, the source of the law of One, have been trying to contain the energy from the Sun by setting some sort of sphere buffers all around planet Earth. However they will only be able to do so until 2023, 2024. So that means we got between 11 and 12 years of extension in order for us to get prepared.

– We need events like ET disclosure to accelerate Humanity’s preparation drastically. We need to move fast.