The Dollar Vigilante video: The Globalist Plan To Blame Bitcoin For Biblical Level Collapse In 2018

My comments:

– Apparently the powers that be plan to make bitcoin rise up to 60k USD ~100k USD in 2018 and then make it collapse to introduce their own state-based crypto-currencies and make it impossible for decentralized crypto-currencies to coexist with them. I think it could well be their plan but I think they will fail.

– As I pointed out in my previous here, the powers that be have the ability to create reality as we Humans can do, but they use black magic for that whereas positive forces use White magic.

– Crypto-currencies have been been chosen as the coming scapegoat for the incoming FIAT collapse in 2018.

– I think also that in 2018 we will see crypto-currencies go parabolic before going astronomical in 2019 and we will see also a collapse of all markets: bonds, stocks and real estate. That is why we need to get prepared. But as the markets crash, we will see also the complete neutralization of the negative forces and the disclosure of awesome technologies that will propel Humanity into a Galactic age. So what we will be reaping will be worth the bumpy road ahead.

– According to Cliff High’s predictions in his monthly reports, the FIAT crash could occur as soon as the end of March 2018. I now think his predictions are too conservative. I see more like end of February or end of January 2018. We shall see.

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