Gaia video: Emery Smith — Whistleblower Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock December 12, 2017S9:Ep2

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My comments:

– Some crafts are alive with living power systems that behave like a living being….amazing.

– You can combine tissue and titanium and add to that stem cells, to make your bones density 10 times stronger than usual, with a huge ability to heal quickly …it reminds me of the super soldiers program….

– Car accident, weaponized food, are information that make you age faster but if we can stop that information to express itself, the body can help heal itself naturally…

– There is a staggering amount of various ET species

– There are some technologies that can 3D print ET bodies

– Reality is stranger than the most unreal SF movie….

– The best protection (safety) for whistleblowers is to come forward as soon as possible and rely on the cosmic rule “you can shoot at the red cross”.

– Emery Smith (“Paul”) looks like a bit like the Benjamin Fulford of the black ops biology to me.

– Advanced satellite imagery technology enables you to look into every brick of the walls of any house…

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