The Dollar Vigilante video: The Globalist Plan To Blame Bitcoin For Biblical Level Collapse In 2018

My comments:

– Apparently the powers that be plan to make bitcoin rise up to 60k USD ~100k USD in 2018 and then make it collapse to introduce their own state-based crypto-currencies and make it impossible for decentralized crypto-currencies to coexist with them. I think it could well be their plan but I think they will fail.

– As I pointed out in my previous here, the powers that be have the ability to create reality as we Humans can do, but they use black magic for that whereas positive forces use White magic.

– Crypto-currencies have been been chosen as the coming scapegoat for the incoming FIAT collapse in 2018.

– I think also that in 2018 we will see crypto-currencies go parabolic before going astronomical in 2019 and we will see also a collapse of all markets: bonds, stocks and real estate. That is why we need to get prepared. But as the markets crash, we will see also the complete neutralization of the negative forces and the disclosure of awesome technologies that will propel Humanity into a Galactic age. So what we will be reaping will be worth the bumpy road ahead.

– According to Cliff High’s predictions in his monthly reports, the FIAT crash could occur as soon as the end of March 2018. I now think his predictions are too conservative. I see more like end of February or end of January 2018. We shall see.



My comments:

– Regarding one’s own opinion about crypto-currencies, there are 2 categories of people among the alternative media communities.

– There are those than think that crypto-currencies can change the world for the better in the big way, helping Humanity get rid of the debt-money system. Those ones (I am part of them) see in crypto-currencies and blockchain technology (symbolized by Bitcoin) a game changer, the ability to bypass completely the FIAT money system. This is where it is truly revolutionary. Because a lot of people have been wanting to use an alternative to FIAT while the situation was that it very difficult (almost impossible) to do so until the birth of Bitcoin at the end of 2008.

– And there are those that think that crypto-currencies are yet another attempt by the cabal (the powers that be) to take over a technology and strengthen their control over the population. For that reason, crypto-currencies should be avoided completely.

– There is no doubt in my mind that the governments will very soon issue their own blockchain-based national currencies (in fact Venezuela has already started to do so) . By doing so, they will try to perform a reset of their broken FIAT, debt-based money system and they will shift to a new type of ledger, in which people will transact in the same national currencies units but this time it will be cryptography-based instead of being paper-based.

– Those national crypto-currencies are likely to be centralized. This is not a problem per se because Humanity will have at at its disposal a zoology of crypto-currencies that will be decentralized and therefore they will be immune to centralized control by negative forces.

– Any tool or technology is a double-edge sword and bitcoin (read crypto-currencies and blockchain) is no exception. It is like having a smartphone with Facebook on it. Such set up is a wonderful way to dispatch information to one another while at the same time it is a powerful tool from the government to spy on us.

– I get that. However I feel that Humanity should focus much more on the freedom blockchain gives to itself instead of just fearing it.

– On a side note, very interestingly, as mentioned in the video, the cover of one of the Economist issues in 1988 predicted the introduction of a new world currency, the phoenix in 2018 (let me put the link to the cover: ). That is very interesting for 3 reasons:

– The powers that be are psychic and can predict the future to a certain extent (as the positive groups can do, using white magic, by the way). It seems that 2018 is going to be the year of Liberation of the Humanity, liberation from its enslavement by the Babylonian debt money system. So the cabal has predicted apparently correctly the year of the big change in terms of financial system but of course they wanted more control via a one world currency, which is not going to happen.

– It is interesting to note (as the video pointed out) that the symbol for this one world currency is a Greek letter, “φ”, which can be represented by a vertical bar inside a circle as you can see here: . There, you can indeed see a 1 inside a 0, which could be interpreted as the binary system that forms the basis of computation, which could be a reference to cryptography in the blockchain.

– Also, “φ” is also the notation for the Golden ratio, the golden entity that is at the basis of Nature’s beauty. To me it is a sign that 2018 will mark the time in which we will see concrete and undeniable manifestation of the Golden Age, which has been prophecized for many many thousands of years now and which began at the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21DEC12…., and interestingly enough, the word “prophecy” contains at its middle the sound “phi”….. 🙂

– Finally, if you input “prime number symbol” inside Google, you get in the images search results, the symbol “phi” on the first line. Interestingly enough, I have been following primecoin since 2013 and though the price has not taken off, I see a lot of potential in it.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor.

Benjamin Fulford: December 11, 2017


My comments:

– There is a huge purge going on right now, of the deep state in the US.

– The trillions of dollars of the Department of Defense (US) will be soon directed to projects that would usher Humanity into a new Age, I am feeling, because the department is being audited.

– There are people against Bitcoin and people for it within the Alliance, apparently. For example, Russia and China are against Bitcoin (though they are for the blockchain tech) whereas Japan and the US are for Bitcoin. The reason for that, according to Benjamin Fulford, is that the former has gold, whereas the latter does not. Ultimately the White Dragon Society is telling that the 2 groups would have to collaborate because neither gold or Bitcoin can be eatable, for establishing and maintaining the new financial system.

– The only true currency is LIFE.

Bitcoin cash ‘CEO’: We won’t need banks anymore

My comments:

1- I do not agree on the fact that bitcoin and crypto-currencies will make the hackers and geeks and the nerds the new kings of societies since in that case we would just replace plutocracy (bankers) by technocracy (geeks), which would not change in substance the idea that societies are controlled by a handful of folks, which is contradictory with the promises of the Golden Age that predicts the liberation of everybody controlled by nobody.

2- I agree that cryptos are changing radically the world we live in by performing a vast amount of wealth transfer from the cartels to the masses. However this is merely a necessary step before we see a world with no money needed at all, since everything will be provided by awesome technologies such as replicators, teleportation, telepathy, space travel, healing technologies, rejuvenation, nano-technologies, where abundance and limitless resources are the norms. Of course, in order to reach that state, societies need to go through a huge consciousness transformation and cryptos can help a lot by making work-for-money unnecessary for lots of people that would have much more time thinking about the true nature of the World…