Destroying the Illusion video: 2.13 – Storm Update & Q/Roy Moore Sting!/Indictment Unsealed?/”Asteroid”=ET CRAFT

My comments:

– The powers that be (the Cabal) has started to use their last card to save their face: controlled soft disclosure. Now apparently they are trying to make it as if renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, known for his view of a Universe where there is no divine force structuring and guiding the evolution of Nature, is put in charge. Obviously the total, final exposure and defeat of the deep state is very close.

For your reference, I am posting the link to the post from the Express media outlet entitled “Stephen Hawking confirms this 200,000mph cigar-object in space may be alien spacecraft


Destroying the Illusion video: Interview with Fmr Air Force Sgt. Niara Isley About her Secret Space Program Experiences

My comments:

– The biggest weapon that Humans have is consciousness. Consciousness creates Reality. We just need to wake up.

– The biggest weakness of Humans is fear porn because fear porn shuts down the DNA that controls our extremely powerful, magical consciousness.

– The power that be are scared to Death that Humans wake up and Humanity is waking up in masse, which leads to total liberation in 2018, I believe.

Destroying the Illusion news update: 12.12 – Q/Schiff/FBI/Fusion GPS/MSM: “Spacecraft passing Earth?!”

My comments:

– Light will defeat Darkness

– Risk of another government (US) shut down on 22DEC17

– 10 days of darkness Q is constantly referring to

– When the US government shuts down, there should be a currency reset (USD) with the establishment of a new financial system backed by gold that the BRICS is putting in place right now

– On the first of January 2018, we might see ourselves in a totally new world that would start the Golden era for planet Earth

– Storm is coming big time!

– Disinformation is a strategy used by Q (Trump himself or people around him) to expose the Cabal.

– The Cabal knows that the charade is almost over. So we are seeing some Cabal agents flipping sides.

– ET disclosure (partial) is being prepared behind the curtains so that the powers that be, when their crimes are about to be revealed, will be able to attempt to divert the people’s attention to something different than their crimes, something amazing that can make people forget about their crimes. That is why we are seeing a big push from some media outlets to talk about this cigar-shaped “meteorite” that looks totally artificial. Please see the following article from the independent for more information.


Benjamin Fulford: December 11, 2017


My comments:

– There is a huge purge going on right now, of the deep state in the US.

– The trillions of dollars of the Department of Defense (US) will be soon directed to projects that would usher Humanity into a new Age, I am feeling, because the department is being audited.

– There are people against Bitcoin and people for it within the Alliance, apparently. For example, Russia and China are against Bitcoin (though they are for the blockchain tech) whereas Japan and the US are for Bitcoin. The reason for that, according to Benjamin Fulford, is that the former has gold, whereas the latter does not. Ultimately the White Dragon Society is telling that the 2 groups would have to collaborate because neither gold or Bitcoin can be eatable, for establishing and maintaining the new financial system.

– The only true currency is LIFE.

ZeroHedge post: “Bitcoin’s ‘Message’ & Tax Reform’s ‘Hidden Agenda'”

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My comments:

– It seems that banks are starting to jump ships from FIAT to bitcoins (read: cryptos), big time. This is compatible with the idea that FIAT is losing its value rapidly.

– Crypto-currencies do not have value per se compared to rare metals. That is why we must be careful at not relying too much on them. This is why the BRICS are accumulating gold, not bitcoins it seems. However crypto-currencies can help Humanity tremendously in making the transition from a money-based system to a non-money-based system, I believe.

– We will soon see a massive financial crisis/meltdown of the FIAT money system which will cause some disruption but we will shift very quickly to a much sounder system, one based on gold and cryptos.

– Relying on pensions that use funds that give a few percents of annual interest per year for when you retire in the future is illusory now because the current FIAT system must use negative interests in order to sustain itself.

– Bitcoin’s proof of work system is very wasteful. In the end, it will be spending too much energy for the work it performs though I think it will still be useful. There should be other much more efficient systems in terms of energy consumption. Litecoin will face the same issue at the end. This kind of issue is being solved by the Proof of Stake consensus, which uses the stake that the node owns inside the network to secure it although some adjustment have to be made in order to make it properly. Some examples of Proof of Stake assets that are very promising: Peercoin, Tezos, EOS, NEO, Bitshares, Ethereum (from June 2018 it seems), NEM, NuShares, PoSW, PIVX, Stealthcoin, ARK, Teslacoin, and many others.

Proof of Stake will co-exist with Proof of Work in 2018 with the same importance I believe.

STIS post (Terese Yanaros): NEWS: Official Threatens Pedogate Disclosure, David Wilcock Meets Mega Anon – December 10, 2017

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My comments:

– I feel also we will see a massive disclosure of upsetting but necessary information that will anger the people but at the same time it will accelerate their ascension. I believe this massive information leak will at the same time increase massively the distrust of people towards governments and their departure from using FIAT money to using crypto-currencies.

The following quote from the latest David Wilcock’s update (facebook) (12DEC17) is of particular importance, I am feeling:

“Some of the next wave of things we will see will be very, very revealing and upsetting.

This is all part of the great cleansing we have to go through, so I feel we should all embrace these changes.

Thanks again for your concern. The winds have finally stopped being a constant noise nuisance and I will be able to sleep without feeling the room shaking tonight!”

Video: (Teresa Yanaros)