About the US debt ceiling reaching its deadline tomorrow

Tomorrow is the US debt ceiling deadline…

The US government will have until mid jan 2018 to find a new funding in order to stay afloat…since they will not, USD will need to be reset..and will lose half of its value after a necessary devaluation.

That is why Trump went to Asia recently to talk about the new financial system backed by the Asian gold…Huge opportunity for the world. Huge opportunity for the US to get rid of their debt-based financial system that is plaguing their society and regain its manufacturing power.

And huge opportunity for cryptos to reach the masses!

First post

I think Humanity is on the verge of a truly amazing uplifting transformative evolution. Cryptos are redefining the way we organize ourselves, amazing advanced technologies coming from advanced (ET) civilizations will be gradually released, generalized everlasting peace on Earth will be restored, alleviation of poverty, new understanding of the true nature of consciousness and its connection to the divine Universe will be unleashed.
The only condition: to face the Truth.

That is why I have decided to create this blog. To dispatch information that I thought is important from my perspective in order to accelerate Humanity entering the Golden Age.