Divine Frequency: Alien Origins: Legend of the Bull’s Eye, Aldebaran

Comment: Above so below.

Consciousness create archetypes that are then reflected back into the structure of the universe which then sends us back symbols.

Maria Orsitsch of the Vril Society got contacted by some beings allegedly from the Aldebaran star at the beginning of the 20th century. According to some claims Aldebaran was later visited by the Nazis in 30s….

PS: I love the positive feminine energy emanating from Teresa Yanaros, the host of Divine Frequency .

Destroying the Illusion: 12.8 – End of Q?/PENTAGON AUDIT!/Sex Scandals/INFOWARS WAR ROOM ANNOUNCEMENT

Comment: It seems that we will see disclosure of where the money that nobody can account for publicly goes missing from the US government early next year….Would be the disclosure of the funding that the special space programs have been receiving over the last few decades since the end of WW2? We will see.

Webbot, Clif High – Gold or Bitcoin? You Decide!



My summary from my perspective.


There are various types of ETs out there, some of them are less psychic than Humans and they do not want to mess around with Humans; some of them are more psychic than Humans. Among the more psychic, there are ETs who are neutral to us and who are coming to Earth very frequently in order to assist Humanity in its Ascension process, which is happening right now.

Cryptos will have an astronomical value in 2019 like 1 usd used to buy 1 week of good life in Italy in the 60s….

There will be some sort of crypto tax tokens to pay for the taxes in the near future.

In 2018 we will see a good portion of the population going into cryptos, shifting from the innovators (1~3%) to the early adopters (5~15%) .

In 2019 we will see a massive influx of the masses going to cryptos.

At the same time, governments will break down.

Bitcoin will not be big enough to suck in all the debt money rushing into it, which could amount to quadrillions of dollars (derivatives for example…but Bitcoin will remain the gold standard for cryptos.).

At the same time, there will be the pilling on from other cryptos to suck in all those quadrillions….


About the US debt ceiling reaching its deadline tomorrow

Tomorrow is the US debt ceiling deadline…

The US government will have until mid jan 2018 to find a new funding in order to stay afloat…since they will not, USD will need to be reset..and will lose half of its value after a necessary devaluation.

That is why Trump went to Asia recently to talk about the new financial system backed by the Asian gold…Huge opportunity for the world. Huge opportunity for the US to get rid of their debt-based financial system that is plaguing their society and regain its manufacturing power.

And huge opportunity for cryptos to reach the masses!