Benjamin Fulford: December 11, 2017


My comments:

– There is a huge purge going on right now, of the deep state in the US.

– The trillions of dollars of the Department of Defense (US) will be soon directed to projects that would usher Humanity into a new Age, I am feeling, because the department is being audited.

– There are people against Bitcoin and people for it within the Alliance, apparently. For example, Russia and China are against Bitcoin (though they are for the blockchain tech) whereas Japan and the US are for Bitcoin. The reason for that, according to Benjamin Fulford, is that the former has gold, whereas the latter does not. Ultimately the White Dragon Society is telling that the 2 groups would have to collaborate because neither gold or Bitcoin can be eatable, for establishing and maintaining the new financial system.

– The only true currency is LIFE.

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